Our Characters

Our fairytale characters

Snow Queen

After living in fear of her powers, the Snow Queen has finally learned to let it go! With her sister by her side, she’s making new friends in her kingdom, and yours, and can thaw even the most frozen of hearts. She’s ready to show your little ones how to step into their power, and can’t wait to share songs, stories, and warm hugs with your family!

We love this princess for her strong will!

Snow Princess

Enthusiastic and daring, this princess will do anything for the people (and snowmen) that she loves! She loves singing, dancing, and telling stories about that time her sister froze the kingdom. With the kingdom’s gates finally open, she’s ready for adventure and lots of warm hugs!

We love this princess for her big heart!


After years in her tower, this princess is so excited to see the world! Courageous and cheerful, she makes friends with everyone she meets. She can’t wait to twirl, sing, and tell your little ones all about the floating lanterns, and her adventures in the kingdom!

We love this princess for her optimism!

Madrigal Miracle

Saving casita AND her family's magic, this princess is ready to tell you all about her big adventures! Whether dancing the day away, or talking all about her amazing familia, she's sure to enchant your party.

We love this character for her unstoppable spirit!

Bayou Beauty

Hard-working and determined, this princess dreamed of making her daddy proud and opening a restaurant. She knows the importance of striving for your dreams, and she’s so excited to share her favorite stories and songs from the Bayou. There ain't nothing gonna stop her now!

We love this princess for her perseverance!

Wayfinder Princess

Leading her people, this princess hears the call of the ocean! When her village was in danger, she followed her heart and sailed the ocean to save the day. She can’t wait to dance and tell stories with your little adventure-er!

We love this princess for her adventurous spirit!


Bold and courageous, this Beauty loves her books. After taking her father’s place as a prisoner in an enchanted castle, she learns all about inner beauty and second chances. Adventurous and graceful, she can’t wait to tell you all about far off places, and a prince in disguise!

We love this princess for her courageous heart!

Little Mermaid

This princess is out of the sea, and ready to twirl and skip the day away! She dreamed of being Part of Your World and now that she’s here, she’s so excited to entertain your little ones with songs and stories from Under the Sea. Life is the bubbles when this sweet mermaid is around!

We love this princess for her determination!

Arabian Nights Princess

This fierce and independent princess dreamed of adventure, and life outside her castle walls. Clever and confident, she knows she’s not just a prize to be won! She loves entertaining little ones with stories of genies, magic carpet rides, and her true love; a street-rat turned prince!

We love this princess for her bold spirit!

Warrior Princess

When her father was called to serve their country, this princess knew what she had to do! With the help of a dragon and a lucky cricket, she found her place and saved all of China. She can't wait to show your little ones how to be brave, loyal, and most importantly; true to themselves.

We love this character for her bravery!


This iconic princess loves to dance the night away! With some help from her fairy godmother (and her mice friends, of course) she found a royal love. This princess knows all about the power of believing in your dreams.

We love this princess for her kind heart!

Sleeping Beauty

Cursed by an evil fairy on her 16th birthday, this dreamy princess was saved by true love’s kiss! She loves twirling through the forest, spending time with her three good fairies, and of course, taking naps. She can’t wait to dance with your family, and tell them all about her very best dreams.

We love this princess because she believes in dreams!

Snow White

This princess is the fairest of them all! She loves gooseberry pie, the 7 dwarves, and her prince, of course. She can’t wait to entertain your family with her sweet songs, and favorite dances!

We love this princess for her generous spirit!

Unicorn Princess

The Unicorn Princess is an original character exclusive to Wish Upon A Star! She comes from the Land of Unicorns, and took a very exciting journey to visit for your special day. She can’t wait to teach you her favorite unicorn games, sing songs, and tell your family all about her world of rainbows and magic!

We love this princess for her magical sparkle!

Mermaid Princess

Our Exclusive Swimming Mermaid characters can’t wait to enchant your next pool party! From mermaid races to treasure dives; plus songs, games and bubbles, these mermaids are ready to splash and swim the day away!

We love these princesses for their mer-mazing spirit!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a party? 

Call 512.971.1414, email us at hello@justwishuponastar.com or through the booking link. We require a 40% deposit to reserve your time and date, which can be paid through a secure invoice, PayPal, or Venmo. The remainder will be due the day of the party.

What do I need to provide for the performers? 

Absolutely nothing! Our characters bring everything they need, from the music to the tiara.

Should I tip?

If you feel we made your dreams come true, we encourage a gratuity around 20%. Tips are never expected, but always appreciated.

What area do you service?

We service Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. We’ve traveled as far south as San Antonio, as far north as Georgetown, as far east as Bastrop and far west as Dripping Spring. We’ve traveled to Killeen, Marble Falls, Buda, Kyle, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Cedar Park and Leander. Travel fees can apply when traveling further than 30 miles outside out base location in Austin, Tx.  

Can boys attend Wish Upon a Star parties too?

Of course! Our parties and activities are made to be enjoyed by kids of any gender.

Where do parties take place?

We can have the party in your home, back yard, apartment clubhouse, recreation center, public park or any private venue that you wish to secure. All of the equipment we bring with us is portable and lightweight, which means we can make any space a party space!

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